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The part of our mind which determines our quality of life is the subconscious. There lie the reasons for the way we experience life and for our actions. When we suffer, it is because of our hidden mental structures, in the subconscious.

If  we dismantle or dissolve the mental structures that cause our suffering, we will not suffer. This is the aim of the therapy. The less mental structures we have, the more intuitive we become and the more free and happy we become. When we are less burdened we are freer to be who we truly are and live meaningfully.

Said in another way, every preconceived idea is a blockage against intuition, and the more intuitive we become, the freer and happier we become.


But it is impossible to dissolve the structures as long as we try to do it through the thinking mind. All the thoughts in the mind emanate from these structures that we have, our preconceived ideas. The mind does not want to dissolve these ideas, because they are what the mind is and the mind protects itself from being annihilated. By resisting change the mind ensures continued suffering. The mind has no idea what freedom from suffering is.


The only way to dissolve these deep seated preconceived ideas is to be in a freer state, from which, looking at the mind, it becomes clear that the structures in the mind cause suffering. This view, when we are without the control of the thinking mind, enables us to make the the choice to free ourselves.


When we are intuitive, we are in that deeper state, which is free from the tyranny of the thinking mind. The essence of my method is in the ability to bring people, through art-making in a certain way, to an intuitive flow quickly and easily. This enables them to watch their minds while being free from its control. Being in that state and seeing what blocks their happiness, they let go of their limitations.


This method works wonderfully for everything and I have been very successful in showing people how to do it, and guiding them through the process. All my clients have also been successful in freeing themselves from their suffering in a relatively short time, regardless of what their issues were. I don’t think many therapists can say that.


A a result of this success, I have dedicated myself to teach the method to as many therapists as I can, so that they can also be successful in helping others free themselves from suffering. I do it through presentations and workshops, for the time being. Other learning materials are in development now. My presentations have received the highest evaluations and it is not rare to see people who have been deeply moved by them. My workshops lead to deep peace of mind, resulting from  letting emotional burdens leave the mind. When I did a workshop in a meditation center the participants told me that they were more peaceful than in meditation.


The presentations are made in a unique way. There are no texts in the slides, but only illustrations. When the illustrations are projected, I talk and in this way the messages are delivered. The presentations work intellectually and artistically at the same time.


Here is a list of ready presentations. I can present them in a short notice.


The Power of Intuition.

It is impossible to grow healthily without intuition. It is impossible to heal without intuition. What happens when intuition is at work? What happens when it is missing? How to create a flow of intuition? (This part is experiential.) 1 hour.


A session with Angry Cindy.

Within one hour, through activating Cindy’s intuition, she moves from being extremely angry and resistant to complete cooperation and she even brings up an important issue in her life. All this happens easily and fluently. All that was drawn, step by step, and spoken in the session is shown. It is like being in the room with us and seeing it happen. 1 hour, including time to discuss.


From Hate to Love in Thirty Minutes.

A complete description, including drawings and the conversation, in the process of which a gang boy who starts the session being angry, discovers his ability to love himself and have fun in the end. Some foul language appears in the conversation. 30 minutes. This presentation is usually added to another to create an hour and a half presentation, or added to a shorter one, to create an hour.


The following are presentations that are almost ready and require about ten days to be ready:


A whole Life in One Drawing

Adam’s brother criticizes Adam’s drawing. We salvage this drawing from the garbage can and Adam finds that all his life is in it. 15 minutes.


Dave Learns to Support Himself.

Dave’s first session, with all the drawings and the talk, in which he unexpectedly goes deep enough to resolve an old issue and proves it that same evening.

40 minutes or an hour with discussion.


If you are interested in any of these presentations or others that are in the works, please email me. Or call.






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