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One time reading is a good way to have a thorough consultation about finding your way in your life. Every one of us came to the world with a special talent that nobody else has in the exact same way. If we use this talent fully we have fulfillment. We know that our life is meaningful, and that we are doing what we love the most and what we care about the most. In the ideal way it is also the easiest thing for us to be doing. Not necessarily because it is easy for others to do. But because this is what we want the most and if we do not do it we suffer to a small or large degree.


When people feel that something is not working in their life, it is because they are not aligned with their true purpose. To be not aligned means that we have blocked what wanted to be and instead imposed what we thought we needed. What we thought we needed came from fear, from feeling of lack and need and other such feelings.



It does not make sense to blame ourselves for blocking the flow of who we really are, because we did not know what we were doing. We felt we were in danger and resorted to emergency choices of action. We usually don’t have the view, when we start life, that there is a way for us to be flowing naturally and easily if we tune in to what wants to come intuitively. In our environment there are usually no other people who can teach this view to us, so we end up acting out of pressure and blindness to the truth.


But then we feel unhappy and unfulfilled. This feeling is a blessing, because it encourages us to look for the reasons and for a solution.



In a one time reading I can see your strengths, I can see where you flow in your life and where there are blockages or preconceived ideas that block you from flowing. I can tell you what stands in your way and what you can do to dissolve the blockages, if you choose to do so.

I do not tell you about your history, past lives or the future. But I do tell you what needs to be done now, what needs to be taken care of, so that you can flow more fully.


A picture that you recently made should be used or even two pictures. There is absolutely no need to be an artist. A good and beneficial way to make art, for any one, is described in great detail on this website, HERE. The art-work can be attached to an E-mail or a good color copy can be sent to me through regular mail. I will read your art-work and write to you comprehensively about what I see, what I understand and what, in my view, will be beneficial for you to do.

After you receive my reading we can talk over the phone or in person, if you live close by, to clarify all things that need clarifications and to give you an opportunity to ask me about anything that is important to you and is related to the reading.


Call 212-662-7604 or email to arrange for a reading.


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