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The aim of the workshops is to teach the method through directly benefiting from it.


How to create an intuitive flow

This basic workshop takes about half an hour and is used with presentations, to make the material that is presented real and useful for the participants. In it you will learn how to create an intuitive flow and you will feel the way it changes your state of mind. It is yours to take to your life.



















How to allow an emotional state to unfold and change until it leaves you without an effort.

This is an hour and a half workshop, in which we use intuitive flow in art-making to do the work for us. We find the emotional state we are in, as it shows itself in the art and we allow it to expand and change just by being aware of it through the art process. Everything that is in awareness changes positively, and so does this emotional state. Many people finish the workshop with a feeling of surprising relief. After the workshop you take with you a technique that you can use for yourself and others.


The first workshop about how to create an intuitive flow is used for the beginning of this workshop.


How to go deeper and deeper into the state we are in, to find deeper layers of our mind structures.

This workshop too presents, through experience, a useful technique to go into yourself, to a place where it is more peaceful than it is in the realm of the thinking mind. This workshop lasts an hour and a half.


A good combination is the last two workshops that lasts three hours, to give a comprehensive taste of the whole technique. We start learning how to create an intuitive flow, release the emotions that we came to the workshop with and go deeply into ourselves to taste a more peaceful state.


There is absolutely no need to be an artist in order to participate in the workshops. Most of the people who have taken them were not artists.


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