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I use a unique approach to supervision.

I believe that when things do not work well in the therapy, it is because there is no full acceptance of what the client presents.

We the therapists have only one way to help in an enduring way. It is to fully accept, without any judgment, all the experiences of the client. It does not mean that we recommend the activities that create these experiences.

We, therapists, if we want to be effective, cannot deal with what happens in the external reality of the client, but with what happens in his inner reality, because it is the inner reality, which creates the outer. Even if you change something in the client’s outer reality, the cause for unwanted behavior in the real world is still alive in the subconscious, and will end up creating the same or parallel result again. So there is no escape from clearing the inner cause.

When a therapist does not fully accept the client’s inner experience, it is because the therapist is unclear for himself/herself about that issue. The therapist has not accepted fully that same issue in his own mind. So when that issue is raised, the therapist has a reaction of self-protection. Because of this, he/she cannot fully accept the client’s experience.


Just as it is with the therapist and the client, it is with the supervisor and the therapist. The best that the supervisor can do is to make the therapist aware of what he/she really feels in his/her heart about the issue. When the therapist accepts his own reaction, it is released, and his heart becomes open to accept the client’s experience. After this happens, the therapy goes well.

The best way that I know of, to become aware of subconscious material and to release it effectively is through the use of intuitive flow in art-making and the readings of the resulting art-work. Therefore I teach these techniques to the people who come to do supervision with me.

They do not have to use these techniques for their work with clients. They can use any method that they feel is true to them. But the supervision becomes deeply useful and developing when we use the method. And this is the aim: To make us all evolve through the work that we love to do.

I love doing supervision in this way because I love giving this wonderful way to understand self and others to the therapists and I know that through them the benefit goes to the clients.

There is currently one group of supervision, every first and third Monday of the month, 7-9 PM.

Two more creative arts therapists can join.

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