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I write this with the intention to answer the questions: what shall I be doing in therapy sessions, and how does it help?

The following is a general description. In real sessions things flow with many variations, based on the specific circumstances.


When we begin, you learn a special way of making art, which does not depend on talent at all. Every one can do it. This way of art making connects you deeper and deeper to your core of being, your healthy base.


The art that starts coming is unique to every person. This connection to the deeper layers of your self is the healthy basis on which the rest of the therapy is built. If you want to better your life, you have to find the strength within you which can do it. This is why this is the beginning.

It is in fact very easy to do, and it makes people feel good in a deep and subtle way, immediately.


All that stands in the way of happiness starts showing up in the artwork. It happens on its own, with no special effort. Most people do not notice these signs in others’ or even in their own art. Some of these signs are learned formally in art therapy courses, and art therapists know them. But it is my special gift, with which I was born, to see much more than what is studied in art therapy courses. I see it spontaneously. It has to do with sensitivity to energy. And it is my gift too to be able to show these signs to people so that they can see them.


Once you see a sign in your art, it becomes very clear to you, and from that moment on, your deep self, to which you are already connected, starts working from within you, on dissolving the barrier that is connected to this sign.

It is impossible to dissolve barriers without having them seen by your deeper self. Using art, we find this deep view in your artwork.


Everything that happens in the process is experiential, and changes that you go through are permanent. Once you get rid of an inner barrier, you do not have it any more.


When working in this way, the difficulties that show up in your art, are those that are ready to be released. Problems that are not ready yet will not show themselves till they are ready. This is a natural and healthy process, that easily and pleasantly goes deeper and deeper.

When we agree with nature, nature helps us work with its inner logic and the work becomes very effective.


In this way two things happen at the same time. Problems are dissolved effectively and forever, and you become more and more authentic, grounded and happy.


My role, in a short way, is to kindly and with full acceptance of you, help you put into action, the natural way of healing. Your free will is deeply respected, and is considered of utmost importance in the process of your healing.


Do you need courage and willingness to heal? Yes indeed.


Is it hard? No. We never go against anything. Problems go away because we love them and give them freedom.


Is it pleasant? There is a deep satisfaction, the way one feels when she or he knows that something truly meaningful is happening.







I am so grateful for the extraordinary gift of having interned with Giora Carmi. His way of working is pure and from his heart. His respect for his clients is derived from his compassion and love for them and he works unencumbered by theoretical orthodoxies. We are lucky that he takes pleasure in sharing his gifts and insights with others. Those touched by Giora’s passion and clarity will undoubtedly be moved to consider existential questions about our place in the world and how we can change, whether that be as clients, as students, as therapists or as human beings.



Cindy Gordon.

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