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Sitting at two sides of a table, art materials all around, I teach you how to do it and guide you as you walk, step after step, to clarity and freedom from your suffering. Read more about it at “My Approach.”




For people who cannot come because of  old age or ongoing limitation, I come to them.. I can do very few of these appointments and they have to be within Manhattan. I come with art materials to the patient’s home and we do sessions regularly there.




Skype sessions are for anyone who wants to work with me and lives far away. I have been working with people through Skype for a few years, for therapy and supervision, and it works very well. It is also good for people who cannot come  to a session but can do a session from home. And it is good for those with whom I already work, when I travel for conferences or teaching, or when they travel and have a computer with them. In the sessions we make art as usual. When a drawing is finished, you hold it to the camera and I capture the picture on my computer. I print it out on the spot and we talk about the drawing, just as we would do face to face.

Email or call to set up the sessions.




I work very effectively with emailed artwork. My gift is being able to read art deeply. I guide people  by looking at their artwork. Step by step they evolve and become freer, just as people who come to my office. This is true even if the art is made with computer drawing/painting programs.


You can be anywhere in the world.

All you need is a digital camera or a scanner, and  willingness to change.


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Deep, detailed reading of one current artwork sent to me as an attachment to an E-mail. One such reading can be very important in clarifying where you are, what stands in the way of your development and what is important to do next, if you want to open up to more of who you really are, live more meaningfully, and contribute more to society and the earth.

You don’t have to be an artist. You can do a drawing based on the instructions  here.

Most of the people who work with me are not artists.


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The presentations are about the power of intuition, the need for it in development and healing, how to use intuition, and examples of its uses in therapy.

The method that I have developed is unique in its unfailing success. I have presented it in the US and abroad, for therapists, creative arts therapists and others, and people who work with other people to help them heal.

For a complete description please go to the presentations page




The workshops usually are given in connection with presentations. They are aimed at teaching the method by experiencing it. Participants have testified to having had deep and moving experiences. Workshops can be given without a presentation too.

To read more, please go to the workshops page.




I have done on site supervision for graduate students of art therapy and privately for certification and licensure.

The supervision is based on three premises.

In order for the therapy, done by the supervised, to go well, the supervised has to be resolved in his /her mind and heart about the issues that are problematic.

The best way to be resolved is to do intuitive work on the issues.

Every therapist has his/her inner truth to attend to above all, and this is appreciated and encouraged in the supervision.

Please call 212-662-7604 or email to set up supervision sessions.



My 10 year old daughter had been suffering from extreme lack of self confidence when I happened to meet Giora at a meeting. From hearing him talk about his work, I felt he could help my daughter. She has been seeing him for a little over a year now. She gave us very hard time about going to him. She was very critical of him, lots of “Why do I have to.” I insisted, bribed her and she went.

In the beginning, she wanted me to sit in on their sessions. I was very impressed with Giora’s empathy, patience, respect for her, as well as his ability to reflect back her feelings to her as expressed through her artwork. She was not verbally responsive to him, but it was clear he made an impact on her and she was always very cheerful after her sessions.

The past year was not all easy sailing. There were (and are) times when tremendous anger erupted on a frequent basis.  Giora made me realize this was part of the process for her and suggested that we accept her feelings, that there were reasons for her anger. Not easy to do! On the other side, there have also been times when she showed tremendous love.

I can’t say our family relationships have improved much. There is still a lot of fighting with siblings. But there have been small changes along the way. In the past few months I have gotten feedback from school that she is doing better. I think she feels a somewhat more likeable and has taken some little steps towards relationships with her peers. She has gone from refusing to do any extra-curricular activities to asking for music lessons. And I myself have tried to pay attention to the way I react to her. I know part of her problem is me and I am working on that part.



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